Insignificant B Sides: The Downtown Music Sessions

by Maxwell Daniels

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A DIY demo compilation of B sides, covers, and alternate takes


released September 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Captain Daniels and the Sunnybrook Sailors Salt Lake City, Utah

Anarcho Folkpunk from SLC, UT founded in 2016.
Maxwell- Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Washboard, Melodica
Marky Terror-Guitars
Tyler Boston- Guitar
Ken-Bass Guitar

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Track Name: A Lesson in Codependency
I haven't answered my phone all week
You're probably worried that I'm dead but I just need to get some sleep
Step back and breathe
And I've been coasting from couch to couch
Getting high, not getting laid and my mind's fucking falling out
Like rotting sauerkraut
Full of chemicals and doubts
And when I sober up I'll come home to you
Apologize and say I'm lonely and confused
Go take a shower then pass out again beside you
Then leave the house before you wake

I shouldn't put you in this type of situation but I've lighting up all night
and going up and down between the lines on the table
Gonna tear out all the walls, rip out the cables

Sometimes I think that you care too much
Bout what I'm doing in the city when I'm drunk and out of touch
You know I want you more than anything
But I'm a sinking Titanic and just wanna have some fun
Always on the run
Drinking all the rum

I'm hoping I don't go to jail tonight
I'd loathe to call you up and start another fight
Or spend the night inside that godforsaken cell
While tripping out on tabs and pills

I shouldn't put you in this type of situation but I've been lighting up all night and going up and down between the lines on the table
And all I really wanna do is just hold you tight
and just get back to what I'm missing in this bitter life I live beneath the fables
Gonna disconnect my heart, tear out the cables
Track Name: Émigré
The system is failing so I'm going sailing, don't believe that I'll be back for quite a spell
The beaches are sinking piece by piece into the ocean into sediment from rusted old bombshells
I guess we deserved it but nobody's perfect, hoping as we leave the shallows you're ok
These sadlands are breaking from injustice and earthquaking as we raise the anchors off the coasts of May

Westward we sail under a sky that's grey and pale into the empty ocean void's uncertainty
Unlimited durations, out of bounds from any nation on a ship that we call SS Anarchy
Exiled for treason off the coast of Surf Rock City where the missles laid their mark last Christmas Eve
And left all the people dead and dying in the ghettos by their nations own known ways of blasphemy

Striked out
Nothing stays the same, we're all divided now
Forced to sleep in cages cause we don't agree
With tyranny and war, let us unite again
And never forget what we're fighting for

I still can think back when I was just a little lad out in the desert underneath that old orange tree
Back when you could inhabit all that red and dusty land now radiating at 210 degrees
The planet is dying and will soon break into pieces or exterminate the humans with disease
I hope things are still up in them northern maple hills up past the desert as a silent refugee

Wiped out
Nothing stays the same, we're all divided now
Forced to sleep in cages cause we don't agree
With tyranny and war, let us unite again
And never forget what we're fighting for
Track Name: Morning Creeps
I've been down and out awhile
Been years since I could make you smile
I've been waiting drunk and stoned, passed out by the telephone in hopes you'll call and tell me that you finally made it home
It sounds a bit obsessive 'cause your line's been disconnected everyday the skyline reappears
But I don't care 'cause you're not there

I've been losing track of time
Sometimes the pills relax my mind
I wouldn't feel so forlorn and ashamed
If there was someone left to blame
It's another unwanted burden when the show ends at the drop of a curtain
Slowly replaced by a funeral sermon
I try to care but I'm not here

Things haven't been the same
Since you went down in flames
I would've stayed with you
And watched the world continue

So live the dream, or let it die, take these blinders from my eyes
I'm awake and alone, standing by the telephone
All these tears fall like rain, these eyes broken window panes
Let it sink, let it sleep
Let me drink away the morning creeps
Track Name: Maxwell's 7th Dream
I think about it still today
The things I've lost to my dismay
All the long talks and the way things used to be
Partners in crime on the frontline
Making plans and drinking wine
Waking up together early in the morning
Don't often write these kinds of things
But she's been haunting all my dreams
I still expect to see her as my eyes slowly open
Instead I wake up on the floor
Cold wind rapping at my door
And I sigh and try to sink back into lat night's scene

We were on a passenger train riding through desert terrain
There were no signs, but I knew it was Arizona
Rolling through the land of my birth with the best girl on the earth
In my arms, reading maps and kindly joking
She said something about time and how we shouldn't waste it now
And that made me kind of sad and my thoughts lucid
I said babe please don't mention time
I'm stuck with you and I don't mind

I decided to get some rest
As she was sleeping on my chest and the train continued west
Well we awoke to pouring rain
No longer on that desert train
But in a taxi cab on the freeway in the fastlane
She smiled and said we're almost home
Was then when I felt most alone
And held her closer in the backseat
And for a minute no one spoke
Til we turned down Ocean Road
And the driver mentioned something 'bout the backstreets
But I couldn't take my eyes off of her, nor could I hear any words
As we pulled up to the large house on the hillside
Something straight from paradise as we staggered up the drive
Near the waves, endless stories on the inside
She opened up the door and said we're home
But I still felt all alone

That is when I gave her a kiss and realized it was just a dream
Apologized and said I guess we shouldn't do this
She smiled at me and started to cry at the doorway from outside
As the night began to fade into oblivion
Then the memories started to fade, and I woke up yesterday

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